About Me

Hi 👋

My name is Kellen, and I am a DevOps Engineer based in London. I like DevOps (of course), photography, security and Go. I also love servers and cute, fluffy things.

When I was 15, I started hosting Minecraft servers with my friends. Since then, I haven’t stopped playing with Linux servers. I have a strange interest in DNS and am now trying to run geoff.network in an attempt to learn more about everything that comes with running a network, including BGP.

I have previously worked for Avast and now work as a DevOps Engineer at Microsoft.

This website is a collection of information about things I have done, things I’m doing and things I want to do.

You can see some of my projects on GitHub. I also stream on Twitch now and then, with a variety of games or programming things.

Some of my projects

You can find a more complete list on my projects page.